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  • Education

    Our program includes a comprehensive self-defense handbook, a valuable educational resource that equips individuals with essential knowledge and strategies to navigate potentially unsafe situations effectively. This handbook provides step-by-step guidance on self-defense techniques, empowering individuals to make informed decisions in real-life scenarios.

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  • Tools

    Central to our program is our unique self-defense tool, the mini stun gun. Unlike traditional weapons, it's designed to empower individuals by ensuring they remain in control during self-defense situations, promoting safety and minimizing harm. Additionally, our program includes essential self-defense items such as personal alarms and glass breaks, creating a comprehensive toolkit.

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  • Training

    Our comprehensive self-defense program also features an engaging and interactive workshop. This workshop equips participants with practical skills, knowledge, and the confidence to stay safe in various situations. Through hands-on training and expert guidance, attendees learn valuable techniques and strategies for personal safety and self-defense.

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