Elevate Your Brand Through Strategic Collaboration with Our Self-Defense Workshops

We are excited to present you with a unique opportunity to become an integral part of a movement dedicated to building safer communities! By joining hands with us, you'll be associating your brand with a cause that truly matters - empowering individuals through self-defense education.

As a sponsor, your brand will gain widespread exposure across our workshop materials, presentations, and digital resources. This visibility ensures that your message reaches a captive audience who are actively seeking ways to enhance their personal safety.and showcasing your commitment to community well-being.

The Demographics: A diverse and dynamic audience of buyers and decision makers who prioritize personal safety.

By associating your brand with our workshops, you’ll gain exclusive exposure to a demographic that is not only eager to learn but also influential within their spheres. Your sponsorship will seamlessly integrate into an environment that champions empowerment, security, and community well-being.


    Our classes resonate strongly with women, constituting around 89% of our attendees. This emphasis reflects the growing demand for self-defense education within the female demographic.


    Our audience is dispersed across varied settings, encompassing 25-40% residing in urban locales and 15-30% in suburban and rural areas. This geographical diversity widens your brand’s reach.


    An impactful 20-30% are solo travelers. Our classes also attract a diverse array of backgrounds, with 15-30% from ethnic or culturally varied settings.


    Our female participants span various life stages, with approximately 35% aged 18-29, 25% within the 30-44 range, 20% aged 45-64, and 10% aged 65 and above. This diversity ensures your brand’s exposure to a wide age spectrum.


    Within our participant pool, 20-30% are mothers, indicating a commitment to family safety. Additionally, 25-35% identify as fitness enthusiasts, highlighting their holistic well-being focus.


    A significant 69% are married or in equivalent relationships, highlighting shared safety considerations within partnerships.

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We look forward to discussing the myriad of benefits this collaboration can bring to your brand. Together, we can create a safer, more confident community while strengthening your brand's position as a true advocate for personal safety.